So Long, Farewell!

Testing. Testing. 1-2-3.

Hello.  It's me.  Blogging.  I never thought I'd do this, but something has been pressing me to . . .express myself.  And so, I've decided to start a blog.  I've read other blogs for years.  Mostly knitting blogs; a few garden blogs; some health-related blogs.  I rarely comment.  I lurk.  But, not anymore.  I want to try this myself, although I can't answer - with any certainty - the question WHY?

Plans for my little blog?  Well, I'm not certain about that either.  It'll be a little knitting, a little gardening, family news, life observations, maybe some random thoughts and dreams.  I'm figuring out what is important in my life. . . now that I'm a cancer survivor.  And I'll probably talk about that, too.

For now. . . well, I'm just testing it all out.  Testing.  1-2-3.


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