Words in the Wild

Words in the Wild: Headline News

The other day, Tom was reading The Week magazine, when he pointed out this page . . . and its dream-come-true headlines:



Look again.

Rethinking fat and cholesterol

Meditation delays aging

Coffee may cut cancer risk

Drink wine, burn fat*

Smoking damages the brain


All on one page.

News doesn't get much better than that!

(Read all about it!)


* Personal Favorite

Little Bit of Truth

I'm just getting over a rather nasty flu-ish bug (that hung on for far too long).  I've used more than a few throat lozenges since the beginning of the year.  (Like . . . they're in every coat pocket.  And in my purse.  And gym bag.  And in the cup holder in my car.  You know.)

It wasn't until just yesterday, though, that I took a closer look at the wrapper.



What do you know . . . A pep talk in every drop!

Nothing you can't handle.  (A little bit of truth . . . on a throat lozenge wrapper.)