Sometimes Mondays

Sometimes Mondays

. . . are bleary.  

Especially if you watched the Oscars until the bitter end!  (It is so brutal when you're watching in the Eastern time zone, y'know?)

Thank goodness there is coffee!


I hope your Monday is off to a great start.


This week, Michelle is offering a 5-day self-portrait challenge.  Check it out!  Her challenges are always thoughtful -- and fun, besides.  You can also follow along on Instagram at #turnthelensonself.


Sometimes Mondays

. . . look like comfort.


It's the middle of winter ... and I'm dealing with it.  

I long for mornings in my garden, evenings on the patio, and lazy days up north, sure.  But for now, I've gotten used to driving on icy roads, remembering to grab my mittens, and piling on the layers.  

I'm hunkering down for the rest of the winter.  And seeking comfort . . . where I can find it.

Happy Monday!


Sometimes Mondays

. . . require a fresh perspective.


When I went to bed last night (early and exhausted), I was feeling particularly rotten about myself -- and how I'd managed to have such a busy weekend, yet gotten "nothing done." (Y'know . . . things on my weekend to-do list.  The laundry, for example.  Cleaning my bathroom.  Sorting through the mail on my desk.  Preparing for a big meeting today.)

Tom challenged me to think about it differently.  He reminded me that I did a lot of things this weekend - really good and important things.  (Things on my calendar, but not on my weekend to-do list.  Working out, for example.  Meeting a friend for coffee.  A League of Women Voters program meeting.  Going to a movie.  The Women's March.)

I'm thinking I made the wrong to-do list for the weekend.  Maybe it was a super-successful weekend after all.  And the laundry can wait.
(And THAT's a re-freshing perspective.)