Knittin' on the Dock of the . . . Lake

C'mon Along . . . Paddle with Me

The past couple of mornings have been perfect for long kayak paddles on the lake.  (So perfect, in fact, that I have blisters on top of blisters.)  I thought you might like to join me . . . for a paddle around the lake!


Such a great way to relax, hang out on the water, and get a little exercise, too!  
(Hope you didn't get any blisters. . .)


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kim in oregon

I know I'm a wuss, but I wear paddling gloves. They're like bike gloves with a bit more padding.


Just lovely! I don't think there's anything more relaxing than kayaking, especially when you're not getting blisters. I love the lilies and loons, but not so much the phragmites I think I spy in the background.


Perfect! I need to retire so I have more time for hobbies - knitting, kayaking, hiking....


Oh, what a lovely ride! Thank you! (And, I hope your blisters are better soon!)


It's so beautiful and peaceful there. Love the loon photo - we had a loon outside our house in Maine the week we were there and it was wonderful.


I love the water lilies and could sit there watching them all day. The loons are SO sweet. How wonderfully peaceful and quiet it must be to paddle around, sit with the calming sounds, and watch nature be nature.


Lovely trip. Thanks for inviting us along!


I have a little blister from Sunday! And we had a big loon following us around...it was lovely. And I can't imagine more lovely mornings than the ones you've been having!


What a lovely tour - I'm not hot and sweaty and no blisters - perfect!


Gorgeous scenery!


Oh, that's just lovely!! Thanks.

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