18 in 2018: A Mid-Year Update
Dog Days

Unraveling Up North

Being up north . . . 


means plenty of time for stitching!

And after my last project -- which required multiple balls of yarn and constant counting - I wanted to work on something simple.  Something that I could knit in the car.  Or on the boat.  Or sitting around the campfire.  No counting.  No juggling balls of yarn.  Something . . . fun.  And portable.


So I grabbed a ball of interesting yarn and decided to try this pattern.  (Added BONUS:  the pattern is free!)  At first, I wasn't sure of this particular yarn-pattern juxtaposition, but I think it's growing on me.  And the pattern certainly works for a simple knit -- just set it up, place a marker, and pay slight attention every 12 rows or so.


And if the rain holds here for the rest of the afternoon, well . . . I just might even finish this thing before I get home tomorrow!


Head over to Kat's for more Unraveled tales today.


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LOVE it! I think the yarn and pattern work quite well.


Ooh, I think that's going to be VERY wearable!! I love that pattern.

It looks so peaceful at the lake. ;)

kim in oregon



I just saw you on Ravelry too!! I love that shot of the lake - so much like glass. Your "Close To You" is lovely. I knit one in a solid, but I love all the colors in yours.


With all those colors you have a shawl/scarf that you can wear with everything!


like the new project and your picture on RAV cover is amazing....congrats on being a cover woman....


Just came here to say Wow, you look great on RAVELRY! But everyone beat me to it. Nice job and nice picture.


Love the new pattern...and the story behind it! Thanks for the direction...and CONGRATS on your new found fame! You earned it with every stitch!


Oh that's really pretty - and you work the edging at the same time!


Oh! I love that pattern and it is a fun little knit! But, wait! Did you know you are a super-knit-star? Head on over to Ravelry and take a look at the main page!! XO

Cheryl S.

Congrats on being a cover girl!


OMG, you are a SOO-pah Stah! Just came over to say congrats and you look beautiful on page one, above the fold! :) PS This shawl is really lovely as well!

Debbie Kuppusamy

You're practically famous!!!!! Congrats on the Ravelry cover. And I think I may have to make this shawl.


Went to Ravelry and wait......I know HER. Thanks to Margene and Vicki. Congratulations!


Woohoo Miss Cover Girl!! so we’ll-deserved! and this new piece looks like the perfect counterpart. I’m having a little fling myself with garter stitch 😉


How fun to log onto Ravelry this morning and YOU modeling your last project! I hope all goes well and you meet your goal of another colorful project finished! Up North looks like a peaceful and lovely place to be, just be.


I just showed Smith your Ravelry front page photo and he said "How COOL!". :)


I just saw this!!! WOW! Such fun stuff...you look mahvelous! :-)


The water looks lovely up north. This new pattern looks intriguing. I think your yarn choice is great too. By the way, Congratulations on being a Rav cover-girl.

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