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On (and Off) My Needles - in 2017

As Goodreads is good for tracking all things books, Ravelry is good for tracking all things yarn-y.  (Without the handy year-end summary feature.  Which would be kind of cool, y’know?)

Here’s a quick screenshot of my Ravelry project page on January 1.

Screen Shot 2018-01-01 at 8.04.04 PM

There’s my knitting for 2017 — not including the scarf on the lower right (that was my final 2016 knitting project.)  It also doesn’t include the sweater I began in October.  (Although I’m inching ever closer on that project, it didn’t make it to the finish line in 2017.)

So.  In 2017, I knit...

6 hats (including 5 Pussyhats)

1 cowl

A pair of mitts

2 sweaters (both actually started in 2016)

And 3 shawls

(There was also 95% of a beaded, lace weight wedding shawl that ended up in the trash bin.  And one hat that turned out significantly smaller than anticipated and couldn’t be given to its intended recipient. No photos.)

I declare it ... A Typical Year for me in the knitting department!  Some good, some not-so good.  Always interesting.  I’m looking forward to more knitting in 2018.

How about you?  Do you have any big plans for your knitting in the new year?



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My BIG plan for my knitting this year is to keep track of it on Ravelry. I got out of the habit of doing that and have no idea when I've started or finished projects.


That looks like a lovely year in knitting! I'm always a bit disappointed that I didn't complete more knitting projects, but that's just a typical year in knitting for me. My big plan this year is to keep on knitting!


No big plans for me...just keep on keepin' on. I'm not big on setting goals...whenever I do I lose the joy.


Two lovely yarns that have been marinating in my stash for far too long definitely need attention this year. I am continuing my quest to use up yarns already in my stash! Thanks for asking—here’s to lots of knits and purls and happy times in 2018!


I, too, plan to keep on keepin' on!! I find planning a bit futile... I also lose the joy if all I'm doing is knitting toward a goal, and I also like to keep my options wide open. As Ravelry is an excellent place for tracking all the things, it is arguably as excellent (or better) in the inspiration department! I just never know what new design is going to pop up and send me scurrying for yarns & needles!


2009 was the last year I made any knitting plans and that year about killed me! :) I do think after that year I decided to not make plans, to see where my desires take me, and to finish that sweater. I do hope it's not the only one I knit this year. Your three finished shawls were all big wins!


ooohhh, just noticed your new blog banner - LOVE that photo!! I have NO plans for knitting this year, except to knit with yarn I have and finish what I start. (I do wish Ravelry had a year-in-review feature - that would be cool!)


You were productive! I'm thinking that I really wasn't! I know there were several starts and stops and not much added to Ravelry. Plans for this year...finish the sweater that is soooo close and then start another and then...maybe finally finish the socks that are riding around in my car! TGIF my friend!


I think I had my best knitting year yet. I have plans for at least 4 sweaters this year and a few shawls. Hoping to knit from stash for most of these projects.


Well done, although I winced at the beaded knitting outcome. My goal this year is more finishes (perhaps directly tied to less starts?)


I just discovered that you can do an Advanced Search from your Ravelry Project Page and one of the filters is for items completed in recent months/years! I wouldn't mind a "recently started" filter... or maybe I would. ;)


I have toyed so over several decades with knitting and I enjoy it - but it's never been a #1 - or 10, for that matter, on my list. I plan to finish a few projects and hope to do a log cabin project and the arrow shawl...
but I'm soooo far behind...

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