On (and Off) My Needles - in 2017
Sometimes Mondays


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Awesome! And I think you already know but mine is kind.


Wonderful! I originally read this as "crocus", but I think I was just being hopeful. :-)


ooohhh, love it! I'm thinking of going wordless this year. we'll see....


I have no words of my own, but I love this one for you... and imagine it will develop nicely throughout the year.


Though I never do anything formal I always pick a word and this year it is learn!


Focus is a great word. I need to focus and decide on a word! (It will not be focus lol).


Great choice Kym. My word is Explore!


My word for 2018 is patience. I’m trying to lose a significant amount of weight and I want it gone but it takes patience. There is a family situation happening that will not be resolved for a very long time: patience. I have a teenage son: patience.


Focus is a good word. I chose Light for this year. These words make a difference in my year. Here is to 2018.


Your choice of focus does not surprise me as it sounds like a perfect word for you. Last year you had to focus on others and events beyond your control. I hope this year you have more time to focus on you, on events important to you and that you'll share that journey with us. I think about words I might choose, but never declare any one word. Maybe evolve could be mine this year.


Excellent word! While I have not picked a word, my meditating mind is telling me to go back to gratitude. Which is an excellent focus! XO


Great choice any year...has been (and continues to be) one of my words from over the years! I'll look forward to seeing how your journey progresses...

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