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Highlight Reel . . . A Look Back at 2017

By the time you read this post on Tuesday morning, I will be flying to San Jose.  With Erin.  And her cat.  While Keith drives their car.  By himself.  Moving is never fun -- and cross-country moves are The Worst.  But by week's end, they'll all be together and getting settled into an exciting new life -- and I'll be headed back home.  In the meantime, I'm setting up a few year-in-review posts for you to check out this week.


I always like to look back at the year-that-just -was.  It's great to get the whole year in perspective -- and to build a highlight reel of all the good things that happened.  

There were times that 2017 was really hard for me.  Grieving - while taking on new and unexpected responsibilities - is hard enough.  But when there is a backdrop of unraveling democracy, well . . . it can seem downright impossible sometimes.

Let's just say that creating this highlight reel was a great exercise in Finding the Good!  

My look back at 2017 . . . 


JANUARY brought the Women's March -- and a flurry of activism.


FEBRUARY brought blooms -- and Erin and Keith's engagement.


MARCH brought my birthday -- and the beginnings of my garden coming to life.


APRIL brought a few days nice enough for outdoor adventures -- and a few days that looked like winter.


MAY brought surprises in the garden -- and on the trail.


JUNE brought time up north, bike rides -- and my garden exploding with blooms.


JULY brought vacations -- to Beaver Island and California.


AUGUST brought time to kick back -- and last-minute wedding preparations.


SEPTEMBER brought a wedding -- and a trip to Colorado, too.


OCTOBER brought a new retaining wall -- and a very weird fall, weather-wise.

IMG_0978 2

NOVEMBER brought a dream-trip to Alabama Chanin -- and a month of gratitude.


DECEMBER brought friends, family -- and a low-key holiday.

So much GOOD in there!  I'm looking forward to 2018.




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What a wonderful look back and have a FANTASTIC trip! I will be sending good thoughts for all of you (kitty included) for safe travels!


Nice look at 2017! And bring on 2018. Have a great trip with Erin...should be fun greeting the brave new world together!


So fun to look back, especially when there's so much "good" to find!
Good luck to everyone with the move!!


It's lovely to see 2017 through your positive lens. In the depths of frigid temperatures I'm happy to see reminders of warmth along with green, growing things. I hope you, Erin, and the cat have an easy and non-frustrating trip, and safe travels to Keith. Justin drove to SC and back last week, so I'm well-practiced at thinking about young men driving long distances.


Sending you and your entourage good traveling thoughts! May the apartment hunting go smoothly and Keith's solo adventure quick and safe. Love the new look of your blog and the look back at the good that happened in your life last year. That picture of Erin and Keith at the wedding is perfect. Here's to their new life adventure!


Wishing you safe travels and that the process of moving into a new apartment goes well for Erin & Keith. I enjoyed your look back at 2017 !


Wow! What a fabulous year! May 2018 be an extension.


What an active 2017 you showed, full of happy happenings and events. I imagine you are contented.
Isn't is nice (and interesting) to see our children grow up and be adults? I am always wondering how mine developed into what they are now and where they are headed, and what they are now is so different than what I thought would happen.
A happy 2018 for you.


A fun look at your year Kym - so much goodness in it! Cheers to 2018 and safe travels to you, Erin, the cat and, of course, Keith traveling solo. Hope it all goes well.


This is a beautiful look back on your year - it was full of wonderful things despite the hard stuff.


What a year - I see lots of good tipping the scales! I'll be keeping y'all in my thoughts this week. (and yikes, hope the weather cooperates :-)

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