Still Hanging In There: A Three on Thursday Post
All Things Must Pass

Sometimes Mondays

. . . look like leftovers!


Last Friday - a beautiful fall afternoon - I headed to my favorite nursery to check out trees, pick up some perennials for my newly-retained front gardens, and refresh my containers with mums and pansies.

I filled my car to the brim.


Once home, I unloaded everything, but planted nothing.  It had already been a long day, and I was tired.  It could wait until Saturday.


It rained and Rained and RAINED all day Saturday.  We had nearly 8" of rain!  

I'll be planting today instead.
My kind of leftovers!


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Lovely trunkful of plants, to plant, oh yes, I've got to get out there, to buy, to buy, and to plant - yep ☔️. Oh well, read and knit.


Have a great time planting today! The ground will be super after all that rain!


Your plants look lovely in the back of your car, and I bet they'll look even better after you plant them. I'm always grateful for the practical plastic tray when I put plants in my Subaru, and yours looks useful and well-used!


I hope your planting is easy thanks to all that rain (wow, that's an awful lot of rain!)


I love fall planting! Enjoy your day!


Holy cow. 8" of RAIN??? That's crazy! Have fun today... the soil should be nice to work. ;)


And the ground will be perfectly wet and supple to accept your beautiful autumn offerings! Just think of the beauty come spring.


At least you didn't have to water all those plants! Do you have an ark handy?


Yikes! That is a ton of rain. Hoping you are having fun today planting all those gorgeous plants.


I'm a huge fan of ALL kinds of leftovers ... but I've never tried these :-)


The rain was just what the plants needed even if it put a momentary crimp in your weekend plans. Enjoy your new treasures.


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