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A Re-Raveling Tale

Several years ago, I knit a cardigan (this one) using Brooklyn Tweed Shelter.  It wasn't fancy.  Just a regular old throw-it-on kind of cardigan.  As in . . . throw-it-on over your pajamas when it's chilly in the house in the morning.  Or throw-it-on to go wander in the garden on a fall afternoon.  Or to walk the dogs.  You know.  That kind of cardigan.

But, while Shelter is a lovely yarn -- rustic, light, warm, comfortable -- it breaks easily.  And I had made the mistake of seaming with it.  When I went to throw-it-on last fall, I noticed several holes in the seams where the Shelter had just given out.


So I did what I often do with mending projects:  I folded it up and stuck it on a chair in my guest room.

To fix.


(And let's just say there was no throwing-this-on last year at all.)  

As the weather started turning cooler last week, I decided I didn't want to go another season without this cardigan.  I broke down and got out my mending-tools.


And set to work.


And in less than 30 minutes . . . 


we were back in business!

Let the throwing-it-on commence.


(And just in time.  Because it is suddenly cardigan season.)

As for what I'm reading?  In print, I have Lisette's List by Susan Vreeland (my latest book group selection, and - surprise - I'm really enjoying it).  In my ears, I have The Weight of Ink by Rachel Kadish . . . and it is excellent!  It's quite long (almost 600 pages/24 hours), but well worth the investment of time.


Today's post is part of Unraveled Wednesdays.  Head over to Kat's to see what everyone else has to say!


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Why is it we postpone these things? Mending is so uninspiring in the planning stages, but so satisfying if we just found it! Same with unraveling sweaters we don't love. I have a gorgeous one that has sat for .... ( afraid to mention). Maybe this year??


Edited to read: just do it!


I had to laugh because I have a similar situation with some mending. Maybe this weekend?
I am listening to Stephanie Pearl McPhee and she said if a sock needs darning, she is likely to just toss it out - not quite there yet


Hooray for fixing your cardigan! I don't enjoy seaming but it really doesn't take that long and the payoff is generally great. I'm still reading 4321. It's long but so very good.


I've had that sweater in my queue forever...yours is so great! Good move on the mend...sadly you're going to need it more often than not soon! xo


I'm always miffed at my silliness in putting of easy mending, but I do it year after year. The sweater is lovely and you must love having it at the ready for this years cozy cardi.


Hooray for you and a mended throw-it-on cardigan! I could use one, too...but first I'd have to knit it ... perhaps, my plaid night shirts will be decent enuf substitutes, especially if I layer them ;-)).
Stay warm and Cheers~


Love that cardigan - great job mending it. I've read some of Susan Vreeland's books and enjoyed them. I think my favorite might be The Forest Lover - if you have not read that, I recommend it. The Weight of Ink sounds very interesting.


I do the same thing with mending projects, then wonder why I waited so long! I read Lisette's List a few years ago and loved it more than I expected to.


I'm glad I'm not the only one who has mending issues. It takes me forever to get to it, and then it only takes a small amount of time to actually fix things - what's that about????

Enjoy your "new" sweater!


Adding to the cheering section giving you kudos for just doing it--and now you have a comfy sweater to wear. It is 81 degrees here and tomorrow is supposed to be weather like yours--can I knit a Cardigan overnight?


Yay for mending - that cardigan looks great (still...again)!! and I look forward to your reviews of both books, but especially Weight of Ink. I started 4 3 2 1 yesterday (37 hours) so it will be a while before I'm ready, but I'm really enjoying immersing myself in something long and involved.

Caffeine Girl

What a gorgeous sweater -- and it fits so perfectly! It was so worth the mending. And thanks for the tip on not seaming with shelter!

I want to read Weight of Ink, but it is SO long. Maybe over winter break! Let us know how it is.


I have always loved this sweater. Definitely worth mending. You do such a neat job.

Gale Zucker (she shoots sheep shots)

Inspiring fix! I have a couple of those kind of things waiting for me, too. And thanks for the reading/listening suggestions.


I look at mending a bit differently now than I used to -- "slow fashion," Marie Kondo, and Alabama Chanin all having a role in that. NOT that I enjoy it any more, because I hate re-doing what's already been done, but I try to focus more on the end result (which usually makes me quite happy). And look at you! Quite happy and satisfied, indeed. So great to have one of those sweaters at the ready!!


Mending, pffft. I postpone it, too; sometimes for years. And then feel sooo virtuous when I finally do it.


Nice fix! And, thanks for the adds to my "read list"! I am listening to Little Fires Everywhere, with What Happened up next!

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