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Vacation (Home Again)

Up North and Beyond

Yesterday, Tom and the dogs and I headed up north to our cottage for a few days.


We're enjoying time on the lake . . . watching the baby loon learn to dive, marveling at the grace of herons, endlessly throwing toys for the dogs to retrieve in the water, trying out my new stand-up paddle board.  It's quiet and comfortable and remote.

Although . . . 

Turns out not all that remote, really.  After all, we have (spotty) cellular service up north at the cottage.  And (slow-ish) wifi.  We can stream Netflix.  And that keeps us connected with the world at large.

Next week, though?  We're headed beyond Up North . . . to WAY Up North.*

On Sunday, we leave for Beaver Island (the northernmost island in Lake Michigan).  We've rented a cottage right on the lake for a week, which will be incredibly beautiful and so cool and sure-to-be-relaxing.  

But . . . now we're talking Remote.  Because there is no cellular service.  No wifi.  No television at all.  Just a landline for emergencies.

And I can't wait!
(Although I'm sure I'll have some Google-withdrawal.)

Enjoy next week -- and we'll catch up when I return.


* And, of course, it's all a matter of perspective.  Because there's the whole of Michigan's Upper Peninsula even farther Up North!


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It all sounds so wonderful! I tend to take my wifi and cell service for granted at home, but I've come to enjoy those places in CO and upstate NY where my phone functions only as a camera, and I can see, do, think, and appreciate a whole different kind of connection. Enjoy it all!!


How wonderful! Enjoy. It should be a great escape.


Have a wonderful week! Enjoy the peacefulness! xo


Have a wonderful time! I know that I always enjoy it when there's nothing to do but just be.

Kiss those pups for me. xo


I think that sounds pretty perfect, it's a great chance to read a lot (make sure you've got your kindle loaded up) and knit and relax with Tom. No distractions, no politics (hooray!), and no email! I wish you perfect weather and a lovely week!


Helllooooooo from waaaaaaaaaaaaay up north in Canada!!! :) Where we have wifi, cell service and all kinds of other things! Enjoy your week deserve a nice quiet break.


My parents had some acreage in Northern Wisconsin (not on either lake or any lake for that matter, just in the woods) and in the Wisconsin vernacular referred to as "Up Nort" as the 'th' tends to be come just a 't' ...up there. :)
As to cell phone service. My mom was the techie of the two, but my dad broke down and bought a cell phone to use when they were UpNort only to find there was no service and it was totally useless. It sat on the kitchen table in Illinois for a bunch of years before he finally started using it, he was so put out with it. :)


Oh, have FUN! That is so cool. Islands... I researched Manitoulin Island once, and would still like to go someday (due east of Beaver Island, in Ontario). Maddy & a couple of friends just hiked & camped all over Isle Royale last week.


Hope you have a wonderful, peaceful, & relaxing time!


Enjoy your week away! It truly sounds heavenly! Just to be one with nature, to enjoy the world as it "used" to be, and to do as you wish (no clocks?)! That would be my dream come true. Hope you'll share your adventures when you return!


Enjoy! I'm not sure I could do *that* remote, but it certainly sounds relaxing.


I also remind myself occasionally that, in addition to the bits of the US that are north of me, there is also a LOT of Canada up there! Have a great time on your island -- life w/o Google to settle discussions could be challenging ;-)


Have a fantastic time! I loved the posts on IG - especially the Pup's tickets! LOL


Occasionally, we are without electricity due to weather conditions , and it always is so peaceful then. Have fun recharging your batteries.

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