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We love to play games.



That's not altogether true.  

So let's clarify that statement just a bit.

I love to play games because they are fun and a nice way to connect with family and friends.  You know . . .  in the spirit of togetherness and warm feelings and group hugs.

Tom loves to play games because they are fun and he loves strategy and honing All of The Skills.  You know . . . WIN and show dominance on the world stage at all costs and WIN.

As you can probably tell, we are not compatible when it comes to games.  Because I don't want to think that hard (because fun) and he is relentless (because fun).  He wins All The Games.  Which means . . . I lose All The Games.  (And my "good sportsmanship" can only go so far.)  (I whine.)  (And sometimes . . . I even quit.)

Until Corn Hole.


I tend to beat Tom when we play Corn Hole.  (I have good aim.)  


It doesn't happen very often . . . that I am better at a game (any game) than Tom.  So I want to go on record with this one:


I kicked his ASS yesterday!

(But my dominance will be short lived.  He'll practice.  He'll figure out how to knock me off the board.  He'll work strategy into even Corn Hole.  He'll beat me All the Time.)  

(So let me revel in yesterday's crushing victory.)  

(Oh, yeah, baby!)


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Hahahahaha - fun post and great pictures. I pretty much suck at games, but corn hole is fun (the name though.....). What's the game on the table at the top?


Good for you! Dale and I are just the opposite - he's great at yard games, he has excellent aim and my hand-eye coordination is not so good. I'm great at table games and tend to kick his ass pretty regularly!


I love your crushing victory and victor's photo! John is one of five kids, and they were all so competitive as children that games were banned in their household after a vicious Monopoly match led to an ER visit and stitches. So now I don't have anyone to play games with (but I don't think I'd enjoy playing with someone super competitive anyway).


YAY KYM!!! Games are so much fun. I grew up playing games with the whole family, cousins, and friends, but then I married Smith who has an aversion to games. If he plays he wins, but getting him to play is like pulling teeth. Hope you can fend off Tom's challenge!


Haha. I don't even play online word games with my sister anymore!! In person, maybe I can lighten things up a bit, but she is *just like Tom* and I am *just like you*... I just wanna have FUN (and definitely not think that hard)! ;)


LOL - seriously. Holly is looking at me like I've lost my mind! Marc doesn't even play games (well except for golf and I don't have any part of that), but my family - oh my. and my mom? OH MY. I have yet to find any game I can win. and my aim sucks, so I doubt it's corn hole ;-)


We do not play games for pretty much that reason. I absolutely refuse to play mini-golf. But...we do play corn hole too! I do not win but I do find fun and have managed to let my always losing self continue on. Oh and that Narragansett Del's Shandy that I generally have doesn't hurt! :-) (If you can find it give it a try...such lemony goodness!)


You go girl! I'm with you on the side of HAVING FUN! Luckily for me, my hubby is uber competitive about some things, but thank goodness not everything! We do have games we play just for fun!


I'm glad to see you admit "good sportsmanship can only go so far", as playing games with a husband is controversial in this household too.
Except -- this last weekend we were playing Monopoly with our 8 year old granddaughter and my spouse's two female siblings -- and his elder sister won! She says for the first time in her life! Just watching them reminisce and laugh about their past games was just precious, and hopefully showed our 8 year old that we all have history, but fun wins out.
I still want to win someday.


Still laughing!!!!!! Congrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Oh, go Kym!! LOL Well done!


Despite knowing more trivia type facts than my husband, he would almost always win because of you know ....strategy. (And an amazing amount of luck. How did I always get the Sports category so close to the finish line?) But I don't think Strategy can overcome Aim, so you have found victory (go Kim!)...at least for now. But then, like you said, there is that tendency for certain husbands to, you know, Practice. Darn it. But I kinda like that competitive spirit in my husband. Because that is Fun, too. VERY fun post. Chloe. P.S. And now I know about Corn Hole


I grew up an only child in the country (and my parents were way too busy exercising their Protestant Work Ethic to play games), so my only opportunity was with my grandparents or cousins (or a neighbor after we moved from the farm into town). Dominos and Chinese checkers with my gran, Monopoly with the neighbor girl. (I still have my grandparents' Monopoly set.) Cards in college -- honeymoon bridge, hearts, smear, pinochle, euchre, 500, canasta, spades. But Smokey only really likes bridge, and he is a competitive player and I am a goofball player, sometimes bidding just because and not because of my cards.

I loved this post!

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