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Up North: On the Trail

Last week, Tom got a new bike.  While we were at the bike shop, I picked up a copy of this handy little magazine:


This guide includes maps and detailed descriptions of bike trails all over the state.  And, right there in the bike shop, I randomly opened up the guide and it happened to be page 70 . . . the Pere Marquette State Trail . . . which is very, very close to our cottage up north.  (And we never even knew it was there.)

So we brought our bikes with us this trip, and decided to check out the newly-discovered trail.

We went yesterday - between rainstorms, just assuming we'd get rained on.  (We didn't.)


We rode a little over 12 miles, fighting deer flies and avoiding lots of caterpillars on the trail.  Other than that, though . . . it was just Tom and I . . . through woods and and tiny towns on an old CSX rail bed.  We crossed a few bridges and rode past wetlands (marl bogs) that, ultimately, feed into the Pere Marquette River (a truly lovely river famous for its trout fishing; the river is the reason we have a cottage up north in the first place).


(This is a memorable location.  It was here that I stopped to take pictures, forgot my foot was still clipped into my pedal, collapsed with my bike, got a major foot cramp -- because foot still clipped in pedal, and accidentally popped Tom under the chin as he was helping me untangle myself.  A lovely moment in married-people bike riding, as you can imagine.)  (The view was nice, though.)


It was a great ride -- and good exercise, too.  (Because surprising uphill section.)  We'll definitely do it again -- and plan to explore other parts of the trail as the summer unfolds.


Best of all?  The trail begins/ends right behind Jones Ice Cream -- one of our favorite places to visit in town.


YUM!  A perfect ending to our biking adventure up north.


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I got so excited when I read the word "Marquette", but I was thinking about the city in the UP of MI where we spent a couple weeks in a previous August, to get away from hot TN.
It is another wonderful city which also had biking trails, unfortunately not on old rail beds though still scenic and cool.


It's always amazing to me how many places I think I know well and yet can still stumble upon a hidden gem; I'm glad you found this trail (and delicious ice cream)! John once accidentally hit me with a sledgehammer while hammering fence posts in the garden - another delightful married-people moment!


The ice cream is the perfect reward for all,that cycling exertion!


Oh, that is awesome! And, with the perfect reward! And, I hope you were not injured - no more falling for any bloggers for the remainder of the week and THROUGH the weekend!


Sorry you "took a tumble." Hope all's well with you. Ice cream looks sooo good, especially on a hot day here in DC. Can't say when (well I can) the last time I was on a bicycle...just another story for me to record; thanks for the memory jog!
Ride carefully.


Okay, the description of your fall cracked me up because I can just see it all unfolding. And hooray for ice cream! A well deserved treat after all those miles, too!


That trail looked like fun, but the ice cream looks wonderful and mint chocolate chip is my favorite!
My sister & her family have rented a house near Pentwater this week...the weather is so much nicer than the oppressive heat & humidity we are having. Enjoy!


Sorry about the mishap and the imagined pursuant married people conversation! Nice much fun to bike the rail trails.


Sounds like my kind of trail - unfortunately, also sounds like my kind of fall. I had knees that resembled a 10-year-old's this spring -- unfortunately, they won't look good as new quite as quickly as when I was ten.


Looks like a perfect outing ... and I must say, you look like you've been biking for years - love the clothes! (and the ice cream)


Don't know which is better - the trail or the ice cream. I think it's both together!


Next thing you know, you guys might be riding a tandem. :)


What a great trail! Love the ending (ice cream). Married couple moments happen ALL the time - lol. Hope your foot (& chin) are okay.


The trail looks beautiful and sound like one you'll enjoy over and over. The story is well told as I could see it unfold perfectly. Sorry Tom got a pop under the chin and you had a cramp, but we enjoyed the retelling!


How fun -- and fun-NY (though, also ouch)!

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