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Sometimes Mondays . . .

Bloomin' Friday

Most mornings, I start the day with a walk around my garden.  Sometimes with a cup of coffee, sometimes with a bowl of cereal, sometimes with my camera.  And always with the dogs!


It's good to start the day with flowers, I think . . . but walking around in my garden each morning also helps me figure out my daily gardening to-do list.  (Which, by the way, is NEVER finished.)

Since it's Friday, I thought y'all might want to come along and see what's going on in my garden today!

While there are a few things in bloom -- this clematis (one of the oldest plants in my garden), for example . . . 


my garden - as a whole - is in a kind of bloom-lull right now.  When I design my gardens, I work hard to have something (and often lots of somethings) in bloom from the very earliest days of spring to the very latest days of fall.  Generally, I've done a good job at that -- and you can see that there are some things in bloom today.  But . . . there are definitely a few peaks in the blooming throughout the summer.  (You should've seen it last week!  EVERYTHING was bursting with color and bloom!)

We're about to hit another peak bloom time -- probably next week, or so.  Lots of things are on the verge of blooming.  See?

My oak leaf hydrangeas are just starting to pop.  By next week, they should be quite showy!


There are little allium flowers just ready to pop open all over my garden.  They'll just kind of hover there . . . in their purple-y-pink-y way . . . above the foliage in the shade.


And out in my butterfly garden, by next week I imagine the bright orange of butterfly weed (a form of milkweed especially preferred by the Monarch butterfly) will be hard to miss!


When I walk my garden each day, I keep mental track of what's blooming, what's finished, and what's likely to be in bloom next.  

On my walks, I also figure out where I need to focus my weeding and deadheading efforts for the day (it's a constant game of Whack-a-Mole in my garden!) . . . 


and I check out the ponds each day to see if the filters are clogged (or if anything has fallen in during the night) . . . 


I water my annuals and re-fill my birdbaths . . . 


My walks always show me what's "wrong" with my garden -- what needs tending or fixing or adjusting.  But they usually also show me what's "right."  (Or, at least, "right" . . . right now.)


Which is really why I garden in the first place!

Enjoy the weekend!





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What a beautiful way to start your day. And your gardens do look lovely.

Cheryl S.

Your garden is so beautiful!


Simply beautiful! I love seeing clematis blooms in your garden as you have so many colors and varieties. I don't think I've ever seen allium buds getting ready to open, but they are certainly lovely in their own right. Thanks for sharing your garden walk with us!


I see so many of your flowers on my walks and so appreciate your providing names for me...It's fun to see what is just now blooming for you...around here, the oak leaf hydrangeas and allium have been in full bloom . So enjoyed the tour...thanks for sharing.


Thanks for taking us along om this walk - I'm so glad I got to see your gardens in person last year, they are a work of art!


Your garden is gorgeous!


Hope we get to see those hydrangeas in bloom. :-) They are one of my favorites.




The last few years you've worked so hard on moving, changing, and fixing your garden. From the looks of it, your progress is substantive and amazing! SO many beautiful blooms, the green textures are stunning and the whole place has a peaceful, serene feel. It would be so special to be in the midst of it. Nice work, Kym!!


What a beautiful way to start the day - thank you so much for taking me along with you! I brought coffee, by the way :-)


I loved this!


What a beautiful way to start the day! Thanks for the walk...an excellent way to start my Monday! xo


Incredible! Thank you for sharing!


Beautiful!! I'm just hoping to get out and mow one of these days (if it ever dries up!). ;)


You have quite the green thumb, and your garden is just beautiful! Thanks for sharing it with us.


Fabulous gardens!!!

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