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Beautiful! Just like your busy self. Wishing you a wonderful weekend - time in the garden and the knitting - whatever! (I will finish clue #1 probably tomorrow.)


After an Internet free weekend knitting at an old-fashioned mountain lodge and the lack of cooperation from my feedly app, it's time to catch up on blog reading. Have a joyful weekend, and get back in your garden.

P.S. the dog video was wonderful! The joy in dogs' personalities always makes me smile and find my own joy.


So lovely!!
I hope the weekend is a nice break.


Hope your weekend has sometime for fun and relaxation! Your garden is amazing and the wisteria especially so! xox


I hate weeks like that! I hope you get some down time soon.


So pretty!
Hopefully this weekend the weather cooperates and you can garden a little. I've been moving plants around at our new's fun but I had to get one of our DILs to help. Age suddenly caught up with me!
Happy Weekend!!


Your garden is such an inspiration! I wish it would stop raining so I could get out in mine!

kathy b

Hoping the day ahead have peace and knitting


hope the weekend is better...and as always, I love the garden photos. now they remind me of Madison and I wonder why the greens here are so different than the ones at home!?

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