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Your tags are awesome! I didn't do the messy art project thing either. I used Kim Klassen textures and did the whole thing through Photoshop then printed it out and journal-ed on top. Much more my style!


Going your own way is what creativity is all about. I feel the same way about the prompts, and for that reason haven't bothered to join, but I love your little tags and your process. The mini-goals are great! 6 miles!? Good for you. I want to "sew something, which will be an AC T-shirt, but I'm going to order a kit so I don't have to stencil.


Open up, everything's waiting for you! Those tags are great! TGIF my friend!


Doing your own thing was the motto for everyone from our era, right? Although you are younger than me. You are just keeping up with what you grew up with. :)
Cute tags...I keep thinking "Sam I Am". ;)


those tags are great! I love how thoughtful you're being about your word and Ali's prompts. (I haven't even watched the May video and have yet to complete a single prompt - but I feel connected to my word ... and it's all ok!)


This is the BEST way to go!

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