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Looks like another fabulous Father's Day at your house! It's so nice that you could all be together.


I was thinking about that tourney yesterday! Looks like a perfect day and Happy Belated Erin!


Your tournament looks like a blast! What a fun celebration.


Happy Birthday, Erin!
Looks like a fun-filled day. :)

kathy b

Well that's a fun post. SHE"S adorable So pretty!!!!!


So much fun. :)

Happy Birthday, Erin!! My twin sisters were born on your birthday, and two of my friends welcomed new granddaughters yesterday! A very good day.


Go grrls! Your family sure knows how to throw a good party! Happy Birthday to your beautiful daughter!


Your croquet tournament looks like much more fun than soccer to me. I hope Erin had a wonderful birthday! June 15th is also my birthday, but I think I'm a few years older than your daughter. :-)


The game was more intense with the new gear, wasn't it? Love it!

Happy Belated Birthday To Erin! <3

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