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Admitting to more than one tattoo seemed a bit odd, but I knew the rest had to be true.
I hope spring continues to reveal itself in your garden!

Cheryl S.

Yay! I got it right.


Alas, I was wrong. It WAS fun though! :)


I agree on scouting and I've lost a lot of respect for BSA over the years. Dale loves it, though, at least on a local level.


Tattoos are difficult decisions to make. Mostly because they are with you for life! That was an interesting list. Thanks for sharing :-)


Interesting list and very interesting educational path! Someday maybe you'll blog about the (possibly meandering) path that led to three disparate degrees, and what happened to French along the way!


Fascinating list! My daughter convinced me to get a tattoo with her when I turned 50. At that age, my concerns were less than it would be a long regretted move. My main concern was that over the upcoming years that it didn't sag and become oddly misshapen. I worried about placement....So I got it on my ankle. Nine years later, still intact, no regrets!! It is a fun and precious memory I share with my daughter!


Ha! No tats here, though I've (idly) toyed with the idea.

I was in Scouts through maybe 4th grade. My kids... no strong feelings either way about it. My kids definitely DID have strong feelings... and not in favor of Scouting.


I loved playing along this week - your list was fun and just enough tricky (yes, that's a word!).the tattoo is a thing for me, too. if you do figure out what and where - tell me!

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