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I'm not sure I'd bet any of them are false, but for some reason I may be sorry, but I'll go with the tattoo.


I wonder if you really fooled us and they're all true?! If I have to pick a fake, I guess #8. I really want to hear more about #10 and the Brownies should be ashamed of themselves!


I'm going with #3 too...This is so fun!


I'm going with the tattoo. And as a former girl scout leader, I think it's horrible that they threw you out (although you didn't sound too bummed out about it).


I don't have a clue! Except maybe the tattoo?? Haha.


Visiting from Carole's and since I don't know you I'm guessing you maybe are fooling us and they are all true? ~Lisa


Is #7 false because you really did win?


I'm thinking they are all true! But if forced to pick one. I'm going to agree with the previous commenter no. 7 because you won!


i think you have a tatt, so I'm going to be a contrarian and go with #4. Most of the others have a lot of,detail--if they're not true you have a promising future in fiction writing!


I don't remember you having any tattoos so I think that's the fake comment. The Brownie one must be true because it's just so YOU.

Cheryl S.

I'm going to guess #3.


this is so much fun! I could totally believe all ten were true, but I think you're saying one's a fake. I'll guess #3.

Christy Clark

Great list, but I would guess #3 is false. :D


I'll say #8 is false.

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