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I get so little reading done but have chosen my last three books from your and Margene's lists! Currently reading Transatlantic - so glad to see it's made the top five!


I enjoy comparing notes and ideas about books with you as we like many of the same titles. I'd put Constellation of Vital Phenomena at the top. I also loved Fault in Our Stars and many of the classics I read as well. I'm going to try The Goldfinch despite your review.


I am midway through The Interestings right now. It is keeping me interested, but if it disappeared from my bedside right now I wouldn't miss it terribly. I returned The Goldfinch to the library halfway through, but I keep wondering how that kid turned out. A lot of similarities between the two books, though, especially that of a teenager from a single-parent, i.e., money-poor, becomes a friend of another teenager from a rich, Upper East Side family and is sorta-kinda adopted by said family. Yeah, that happens a lot, I'm sure...


I read 20 books in 2013 and that's a big jump for me. Using Good Reads has really been a factor in my reading and I can see that my queue is about to grow some more.


I don't read much (can't read and knit at the same time) but Temple posted a list of 16 books to read before the movie version comes out, and they all seem interesting.


I agree with you on The Goldfinch, far too long and I couldn't put down the other 2.


I've just started the Goldfinch, so you're making me nervous, especially because I didn't really care for The Secret History, especially the unlikeable cast of characters (c'mon, can't somebody by worth liking, like for real?)

On the other hand, Angle of Repose is one of my all-time favorites too! Maybe it's due for a re-read.


I have the Goldfinch to listen (it's a bookclub selection, so I'm feeling obligated) ... 40-some hours. at least I can knit! or walk. or.... while I listen! Enjoying following along with you on Goodreads. Between you and Margene, I get wonderful recommendations. Thank you! (Also, I suggested to her that it would be fun to read a book together and then discuss via Skype - thoughts?)

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