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Surprise was the perfect word for you, as you have an eye for the unexpected and for seeing the joy in every surprise that came your way.


Love your surprises of 2013. The one that surprised me probably was Jo-Jo. :)


So fun to appreciate surprises and run with them. Jo-Jo is one lucky pooch. And I've got to get back on that running train...been a big slacker in that department!


You had some great surprises in 2013, that's for sure. I particularly like the running one. And Jo-Jo, too!


I love all the surprises you had last year. clearly you don't need a scrappy project to embrace your word - it was part of you and your life anyway!


Love your surprises! I am guessing the hearing one might be the best, although Jo-Jo is probably a close second.

With a blog, especially one like yours where you post frequently, you don't need a paper scrapbook -- you already have a virtual one.

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