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You had a wonderful year, indeed! You're very good with chronicling your days, weeks, and year!


What a wonderful year, filled with big, small, and always joyful moments! Here's to more in 2014!


What a wonderful, a little wine, a new puppy, lots of family and No Puck. WooHoo!


This is a terrific recap and I remember all of those moments, too. Here's to many more in 2014!


it was, indeed, a VERY good year! here's to another year full of the best!


That DOES sound great! Here's to a wonderful 2014!


I love how you had pictures to go with the entries. Happy 2014!


What a song... he was such a marvelous singer and such a creep IRL. But what a song, nevertheless.

A great year for you and yours!

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