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OitNB is in our queue and I'm reading like crazy, too. I've been thinking about car shopping (makes me CRAZY!) as I'm about to hit 180,000 on my 1998 Toyota. le sigh
Fundays...that is a great idea! Can't wait to hear more and I am delighted by your bee activity, too!!


So. Many. Good. Things! I'm reading the Orchardist (I choose my reading off of your and Margene's lists) and am thoroughly enjoying it! Must stay focused. Can't wait to see that secret garden!


You have a lot of really good things going on. I love your bee house! And I'm with you on being overwhelmed with reading - so many books, so little time! Oh, and I want to knit Germinate, too. I talked to Kim yesterday about colors and I think itching to start that is going to give me the push to finish Exuberance.


So many good things!
* I have heard/read nothing but good things about OitNB. Must.Start.Watching.It.
*Also must make sun tea. I cannot believe it is almost August and I haven't managed to make ANY. (Except that one jar that I forgot on the deck, and it grew stuff.)
* Speaking of lighthearted books, I just finished Where'd You Go, Bernadette by Maria Semple. Total fun and well written.
* Very Easy Very Vogue patterns were always my favorite back in the days when I sewed a lot. Vogue patterns always have little tweaks that make them fit so much better.
* (confession) I just spent about half an hour browsing the Germinate shawls. Last thing I need is another project, plus I don't really wear shawls, but that one looks like So.Much.Fun!


Fun? What is this "fun"? It doesn't sound familiar...

Fabulous post! So glad Erin is moving somewhere better/safer.

I'm wondering why I'm up this early, if it's really possible to have an ice cream hangover and wtf is wrong me that I can't stay awake past ten anymore. Yeah, I know the answer to the last one, but still!



Oooh, I've been watching Orange Is The New Black and LOVING IT!! I daresay Netflix is figuring it out...

Boy, do I love that bee house. So cool.

Happy Weekend, Kym!

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