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Look at those! Very nice. I'm loving our longer days. I'm pretty sure we "spring ahead" this weekend too...


My kitchen window (or guest room) would be the perfect place to grow a small garden during the winter months. I really must try this next year. Tending and caring for something else feeds the soul.


C'mon sunlight! We've got a wintry mix today along with strong winds and I am DONE.

kathy b

Beautiful. The cats eat all I only have bamboo on a very high ledge....but I love to tend to it.
WHen the kids were little I had too much to tend to. so I left the plants and greens I love having a garden outside again


I have been forcing a dozen or so tulip bulbs and this morning I noticed buds coming! I also have a basket full of spring flowers (including a Faerie primrose), i.e., 'European' garden. This all in my kitchen. Flowers feed my soul.


Pretty! I might try that with some delicate plants this summer, though light is something we have in no short supply here. (In fact, during high summer I'd prefer a little more dark...)


Gorgeous and inspirational! I've started some of my garden seeds and am giddily excited about my baby cabbages, marigolds, and herbs.


I'm always starved for green!! I'm not much of an indoor gardener, but I've been enjoying tending my few little plants this year.


It looks so pretty and it inspired me to pick up a little Jade plant today. I hate to throw plants away, but I've been babying an African Violet all winter and its not perking up! Think its got to go :(


Yay! I've been waiting for you to show us window gardens. Totally worth the wait. There is something about making the plants grow inside... more so this time of year.

After 20+ years of having palm plants, I finally have babies. I know it sounds crazy but watching those tiny green shoots get bigger every day and move toward the light makes me unspeakably happy.


wow. I can't believe how much everything THRIVED ... or maybe I can. you have quite the touch, my friend!


My kitchen could use one of those too! I really need to get on the suculent train one of these days. ;-)

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